The ongoing process of anorexia management can be soul destroying and has a devastating impact on the whole family.
Parents get overwhelmed by being the “Food Police” and those suffering with anorexia are forced to endure the ongoing frustration, humiliation and loss of control over their lives and their bodies.Surely there must be a better way.

There is.

Hypnotherapy aimed at dealing with the emotional causes of this debilitating and often life threatening compulsion.
The results can be startling, liberating and surprisingly fast.

• Anorexia need not take months or years to recover from.
• It need not threaten to be a lifelong condition.
• You or your loved one need not be yet another anorexia statistic.

Genuine, effective help is available to relieve this condition …..Quickly.

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A Bleak Picture 

If you search the internet for information relating to Anorexia Nervosa, you might draw the conclusion that actually recovering from this condition could be likened to mission impossible. You may also come to realise just how devastating this condition can be, not only for those suffering with it, but also their families and friends who struggle to offer any meaningful help.

If you search for the causes of anorexia, you are likely to find a similarly bleak picture. Things like a pre-disposition to depression and anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, perfectionism, low self-esteem, peer-pressure and even body dissatisfaction. Some sources would suggest Anorexia starts out as a desire to lose weight and then somehow gets out of control and becomes a habit that the person suffering the condition finds difficult to break. Genetic issues have been touted as a possible cause; social pressure to be thin and have the “perfect body” is thought to also be a major contributor.

When it’s all said and done, science has not yet been able to provide any definitive explanation for the onset of this condition, and more troubling is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any effective short term solutions. Options include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, dietary advice and in some instances, medication.

Frightening Statistics

Anorexia seems to impact the 13-20 year old females the hardest. Men are certainly not excluded with approximately 10% of all people with Anorexia being male. Another frightening statistic is that 10-15% of those suffering from Anorexia will die as a result of physical or mental complications. The physical complications are obviously those associated with severe loss of body weight, whilst the mental complications that result in death are often suicide.

These are scary statistics indeed. Those that do make a full recovery generally do so over a period of many months, usually years. For some afflicted with Anorexia, it can become a lifelong struggle. All the available information points to a very long and arduous process of healing that can take a heavy toll on all concerned and in a number of different areas of their lives. It can be financially devastating; it can ruin the quality of life for those suffering the condition and those attempting to support them. In short it seems to be a dreadfully soul destroying experience. There are no winners whilst anorexia seems to have taken hold.

Anorexia: A Cause or an Effect?

There is one common theme amongst most treatments currently available for anorexia; they all tend to focus virtually exclusively on what “appears” to be the problem. Two thoughts come to mind as I write that; the first is the old saying that suggests “If you continue to do what everyone else does, you will continue to get the same results that everyone else gets” The second is the knowledge that all Riv Hypno Therapists possess; “The problem is never the problem, it just looks like the problem”

This is all about cause and effect. Very clearly, anorexia is an effect. It is quite categorically not a cause. The person with anorexia didn’t always have this condition. They were not born anorexic. They unwittingly acquired it at some point throughout their life journey.  Anyone can understand it is totally pointless to focus all your efforts on attempting to heal an “effect”. By all means manage the effect, treat the effect, but never assume the effect is the cause. The ONLY real solution is to direct your energies to finding and resolving the “cause”.  It is not possible to have an effect without having a cause. It really is that simple, and I can unreservedly assure you, anorexia nervosa is an effect.

A far better question to ask is “What is it an effect of”? There’s that million dollar question again, fortunately for you it won’t cost a million dollars to find out. As a compulsive behaviour therapist, I have found very compelling evidence that suggests anorexia, like most other compulsive behaviours, has a very specific combination of stressful experiences as its cause. So, those that suggest there are multiple causes for anorexia are in fact correct.

Is Anorexia a form of PTSD?

You may have noticed that depression, anxiety, self-harm and anorexia seem to often go together. Certainly not always, but those with anorexia invariably seem to have some other form of emotional or behavioural problem simultaneously. There is a very good reason for this: Anorexia, like all compulsive behaviours, has intense emotions at its core. Those emotions stem from more than one event. The natures of those separate events are totally unrelated. Some of the events at the heart of self-harming are also at the heart of depression, or anxiety, or anorexia. This is why there can be an overlap with the presenting issues.

Unlike self-harming, anorexia seems to be a little more complicated. However, it warrants repeating that some of the intensely stressful experiences associated with self-harming are also associated with anorexia. This is why the client mentioned in the article on self-harming who happened to have a combination of anorexia and self-harming behaviours found relief from both. The solution is always the same, and it never involves simply talking about how you feel towards “food” or just taking a pill.
The Solution

What is always required by a therapist who is hoping to successfully help someone overcome anorexia is

• A very open mind.
• An ability to think outside the square.
• The integrity to earn the clients trust.
• The ability to discern the difference between a “cause” and an “effect”
• The experience to recognise the cause when they have found it.
• The skills and training to be able to effectively assist the client to identify and release the perceptions and emotions involved.

All Riv Hypno Therapists have these skills and qualities. A typical session lasts around 3-4 hours and the client may expect to have a few sessions. The results of the sessions will generally be noticed within a very short period of time. Typically days or weeks, certainly not months or years. Two sessions would be considered the average.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with anorexia, please feel free to call one of our therapists for a confidential chat. Anorexia is a very serious compulsive disorder with dire and potentially life threatening consequences. Don’t wait any longer than is necessary before you get the help you need. Pick up the phone and call your nearest Riv Hypno Therapist, or contact us via email.Riv Hypno Therapists do NOT do what everyone else does, and we do NOT get the same results that everyone else gets…This is because we know the presenting problem is never the real problem.