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Pain: Solutions are available.

At Riverina Hypnotherapy, I offer two completely different approaches to treating those suffering from pain. The approach used is dependent on the goal of the therapy. The first and generally regarded by many as the only practical use of hypnotherapy for pain, is as a means of providing “Pain Management” This involves the use of quite deep state hypnotherapy.

A variety of techniques are used to “encourage” the unconscious part of the mind; the controller of the pain; to reduce the intensity of the expression of pain. The client is given some tools and coached in self-hypnosis to help them get control of their experience of pain.

This has provided fantastic relief for many of those who felt they had no choice but to endure their pain. There have been a number of scientific studies undertaken that clearly verify hypnotherapy as a very valuable aid to those suffering from pain. The main benefit of this form of hypnotherapy is for those suffering from “acute pain” which is clearly related to a definable source. E.g. an injury, or some form of medical intervention.

The second approach is one that is considered to be totally unique. To the best of my knowledge, this approach is only available from Riverina Hypnotherapy. Why is this? Simply because it was discovered and developed by James Duncan of Riverina Hypnotherapy using a combination of strategies to achieve lasting and permanent results.

The goal of this form of Hypnotherapy is “Pain Elimination”. In some instances, pain elimination is not a desirable outcome. Pain is the body’s way of letting you know something is wrong and you need to be gentle with yourself. However, where chronic pain is involved this can be a lifesaving approach.

Pain that often appears to have no clearly definable source, that destroys the quality of the life of those that seem forced to endure the condition, and that fails to respond to medical treatment, is known as chronic pain. It invariably responds very well to the second form of pain therapy offered by Riverina Hypnotherapy. The outcome is usually “Pain Elimination”

Often the clients will attribute this form of pain to an accident that occurred many years ago, or a long past injury, or some form of medical intervention that seems to have left the patient with chronic pain they appear helpless to overcome. Normal medical approaches offer little help in these situations. Yet effective, fast, and permanent pain elimination therapies are available.


Pain: Acute or Chronic?

Let’s have a look at pain. It is an extraordinarily complex condition. Usually described as either “acute” or “chronic”. Acute pain has a sudden onset, is very intense and is mostly short term. It is usually directly attributable to an event. Injuries as a result of an accident can often cause acute pain. Recovery from surgery is another obvious source. If you break your leg, or any other bone in your body, you will experience acute pain. You don’t have to look far to identify a multitude of events that can result in acute pain. Even the pain from stubbing your toe or hitting your thumb with a hammer can be described as “acute”.

Chronic pain however is very different. It can also be acute. It is considered to be pain that lasts for more than six months. The pain itself may not be always present. Some days it’s extremely debilitating, others it can seem relatively mild, even non-existent. But it always comes back and doesn’t seem to be directly associated with anything in particular, except possibly the weather, or maybe unusual physical movements or exertion. Maybe it’s blamed on “that accident you had 27 years ago”

Whatever way you look at it, Pain, either acute or chronic, or both is not something most people want in their lives. There is now a permanent, quick and effective solution available. Here are overviews of two cases demonstrating the rapid and astounding effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a pain elimination technique.

A story with a surprising outcome:

The first story is about a lovely lady who didn’t actually come to us for pain issues. She was experiencing paralysis of her hand and had tried every technique known to mankind to regain the use of it. She didn’t seem to be able to open her right hand properly, and it had been continually sweating profusely for some time. It was like her hand had become “frozen” shut. This woman was finding driving her car a great challenge, and her favourite past-time of quilting a virtual impossibility.

During the course of our time together I learned she had broken her right arm a little over 12 months previously. When her arm cast was removed, her hand stayed exactly as it had been in the cast. Stuck in that position. Astounding. Nothing she tried helped at all. The doctors were at a total loss to explain her condition. Physiotherapists didn’t seem to get anywhere. In her desperation, she even tried a form of mirror therapy designed to create new neural pathways in the brain in the hope this would return movement to her hand.

She had previously undergone major knee surgery in an attempt to resolve ongoing chronic pain in her left knee. However, after the surgery the pain she was experiencing remained. It had been an ongoing source of major discomfort for her; however, her main source of concern was the paralysed hand. There were a number of other less pressing issues, including intermittent high blood pressure. She attributed the knee issue to a pushbike accident in a park whereby a very young girl had crashed into her, knocking her from her bike. The resulting injury was deemed to be the cause of the knee pain.

As I have learned over many years as a hypnotherapist, “The problem is never the problem” and “If you do what everyone else does, you will only ever get the same results that they got”


Thinking outside the square:

I used the details of the cycling accident to provide clues as to what could possibly have been the cause of the knee pain. Sounds crazy, but I did it anyway. Sure enough, six weeks prior to the accident, she had been involved in a major conflict with her daughter. This event left her feeling rather guilty and blaming herself for not being able to achieve a more harmonious outcome. She considered that a woman of her experience should have been able to handle the conflict far more effectively. Without even realising it, she had unwittingly been beating herself up ever since.

As for the hand paralysis; it was far easier to identify the cause. She had been involved in some fairly “heated” disagreements with a couple of her colleagues. So much so that she had quite literally wanted to “punch them in the face” She didn’t of course, she was far too dignified to stoop to such poor behaviour. Nonetheless, she felt the intense emotions associated with the event, and because she couldn’t find an “acceptable” means of expressing them; she bottled them up inside her. The end result….hand paralysis.

To her complete and utter surprise, when the session finished she joined her hands together and had a stretch. Her hand paralysis had totally disappeared. Gone. Vanished, and was never seen again. As for her knee pain, she reported a week or so later that it also had disappeared completely. In her words, she was “Gobsmacked” Around 12 months later I talked with her again. She reported the hand paralysis had not returned, and neither had the knee pain. Over and above that, her high blood pressure seemed to have gradually returned to normal. Strange but true.

Her session lasted around 5 hours, and we only ever had the one. This story may well sound quite unique, it’s not. We have had many other clients experience rapid and permanent relief from all manner of chronic conditions, especially pain.


A Pain in the Butt:


Here’s one about a client who had severe pain in his left “Gluteus Maximus”, He had previously had a number of sessions for stress and pain associated with prostate and bone cancer. As a side issue, his PSA levels associated with the prostate cancer had fallen from over 300 to around 10 since the first session. He was pretty happy with that result.

As far as his pain issue was concerned, he described it as being reasonably strong. The challenging thing for him was he could think of no obvious reason for it being there in the first place. No injuries had occured and it appeared quite suddenly a few weeks before hand. Totally “out of the blue” Further to that, some days it was extremely intense, and yet other days it was barely a problem at all. On occasions, he could literally feel it come and go within hours.

“The problem is never the problem” His pain was not the real problem, merely the effect. After a period of asking relevant questions, the events that seemed likely to be responsible for his pain were identified. They involved an unexpected visit from an “estranged” family member and an earlier memory of conflict with that person. We spent the remainder of the session dealing with the emotions associated with both those events, and some others which had been revealed.

Within a few days, he called to advise his mysterious pain had mysteriously vanished. Gone as quickly as it came. Laughably, he wasn’t even particularly surprised, although he said he would never have made the connection between the events themselves and the unexplained pain in his “butt”.

Can I help you?

Both of these cases clearly demonstrate that pain elimination is very possible. In both these instances, only one session was required, and both were around 5 hours in duration. This outstanding result doesn’t always happen, but it mostly does. The outcome is usually complete freedom from pain within one, or possibly two to three sessions.

If you are struggling with the ongoing debilitating effects of pain, take heart, there is a solution available that has worked for many others, there is no reason it can’t work for you too. If you are curious to know if I think I can help you, just pick up the phone and make the call, or contact me by email; there’s an email message form on the contact tab of the main menu of this site.


“The problem is never the problem” and “If you do what everyone else does, you will only ever get what everyone else got” Do something different…..try Hypnotherapy with James Duncan of Riverina Hypnotherapy. It could be the best call you ever make.