WARNING: This program has not been thoroughly trialled for vegans and/or vegetarians. The dietary aspects involve the consumption of fish, meat and other animal products. If you are vegan or vegetarian and are not prepared to eat meat, fish, or eggs, this program is not suitable for you.

A Revolutionary new approach to rapid and permanent weight loss. Offered only by Riverina Hypnotherapy.

The Shrink extreme weight loss program is the brain child of James Duncan. It is a totally unique approach to solving the incredibly frustrating problem of the Yo-Yo diet. The results are amazingly fast, permanent, and are achieved without the need for exercise of any kind.

You can expect to lose on average between 300 and 500 grams of fat per day!!! 15kg fat loss per month is very realistic.Your skin will even shrink back; you will not be left with floppy or saggy skin that is usually associated with rapid weight loss. One young female client lost 16.6 kg in just 21 days.

Clients regularly report dramatic improvements in other obesity related health conditions. Things like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels invariable improve quickly.

The “Shrink: extreme weight loss” program often ends the need for ongoing medication.

Other reported benefits include general, and often startling improvements in the following areas:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Problems with concentration and short-term memory
  • Painful joints
  • Low energy levels
  • Low libido

The normal approach to weight loss tends to lead to a lifelong struggle that seems all but hopeless, even for those that have undergone bariatric surgery.

The standard advice to those wanting, or needing to lose weight is “Eat a balanced diet, and get more exercise” …. Clearly there must be more to this weight loss problem than meets the eye. If the “normal” approach was effective, we would all be skinny and fit, and keeping the weight off would be easy. Obviously it’s not; just ask Magda Szubanski or Oprah Winfrey.

The “Shrink: Extreme Weight Loss” program changes all that!


Greg Chandler

It was for Greg Chandler…
Here’s what he said after losing 15kg in 5 weeks without exercising.

I needed 5 insulin injections daily plus diabetes tablets, anti inflammatory meds, blood pressure tablets and pain killers. 9 tablets in total per day.
I had lost all feeling in my feet and lower legs, I had sleep apnea, snored and fell asleep for hours throughout the day.

Today I weigh 104kgs. I take no diabetes medication at all. Blood sugar levels stay between 7-8. I am off all other meds. My blood pressure is perfect. My podiatrist is astounded as the feeling is back in my feet and legs. My eyesight is improving my sleep apnea and snoring gone!
This is entirely due to James Duncan and his amazing weight loss program and his ongoing support and motivation. James Duncan is a legend because of him I now look forward to a longer life where I can enjoy my grand children

It worked for Greg Chandler... It can work for you too!
Extreme weight loss program

This is for you if....

You have tried every weight loss approach and all the various diets and still failed… this is definitely for you.

You’re sick of being overweight.

You have successfully managed to lose weight in the past, but it just keeps coming back. Hello Yo-Yo!

You are frustrated by the medical system and the weight loss industry who simply say “eat a balanced diet and get more exercise”

You can’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror anymore.

You feel like there must be something wrong with you compared to the lucky ones who can eat whatever they like and still not gain weight.

You have had enough of the chronic health conditions that so often go hand in hand with obesity.

You seem to have a shortage of “willpower” and an abundance of “won’t power”

The “Shrink: Extreme Weight Loss” program is about much more than merely losing a few kilos. It’s about getting your life back into top gear. It’s about learning to take charge of your worst enemy; Your own mind.

When you can clearly see “how and why” you gained the weight in the first place, you become empowered to lose the weight. If you do not understand these important points, you are pretty much assured of regaining everything you managed to lose, plus a few extra kilos for good measure!

Have a look at what some people who have already tried the “Shrink: Extreme Fat Loss” program have to say about it….

“I went from a size 22 to a size 12. I lost 35 kilos, and have kept it off effortlessly for 9 months. Nothing I tried before ever gave lasting results. This program is simply fantastic, it just works.” – Fiona Spencer

“I really didn’t reckon it was even vaguely possibly, but I lost 30 plus kilos in under 2 months with not a single scrap of exercise sitting on my backside driving a truck…. that’s a fact! I feel like I did when I was in my 20’s. It was easy to do, and the weight hasn’t bounced back. Go figure.”

“Drew lost 38 kilos in 57 days. His snoring stopped. His blood pressure improved. He ended up not requiring surgery for a pre-existing tendon issue in his right arm. Awesome stuff!!!”

Extreme weight loss program

There are three individual components to the program:

  • Education
  • An eating plan
  • Guided meditation session

Education: What could you possibly need to learn about weight loss that you haven’t already been told? Everything!

Things you will learn:

  • How and why you gained weight in the first place.
  • How your mind works.
  • What the individual parts of your mind are.
  • What the individual parts of your mind do and why they do it.

You will also learn one of the most important things you can ever know: How to let go of your own past. Your emotional baggage.

How often are we told that we need to “let stuff go” …. Common advice when we seem to have a problem are comments like “Let it go” “Toughen up Princess” “Forget about it” “Move on” “Build a bridge and get over it” There are countless people who will tell you to simply “let it go”; but “let go” of what exactly? Why do we need to “let it go”? and an even tougher question to answer is “HOW do we let it go”? The advice may be well intended, but it is absolutely the worst advice you will ever get! How many people actually “know” how to let it go. Not many!

This is very “uncommon” knowledge. In effect, you will learn how to become your own therapist! You will become your own… “SHRINK” Learning how your own mind works, and learning “how” to let go of the “unpleasant events of your past” are arguably the two most important things you will ever learn in your entire lifetime. There is a direct link between obesity and unhappiness.

Watch the author of the Shrink: Extreme Weight Loss Program answer the more common questions.

Extreme weight loss program