CRPS: An alternative approach.

If you are suffering from the extremely debilitating effects of CRPS – Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, it’s very likely you’ve tried absolutely everything available to find some lasting relief. It’s also very likely you have been unsuccessful in your quest for a cure. I encourage you to read the following information, watch the video of a lady who experienced a Spontaneous Remission from CRPS, and seriously consider becoming part of our trial. You may even be able to get the same result she got! 

The purpose of this study is to prove the hypothesis: Stress causes illness. Different forms of stress manifest as different types of illness. Identify and deal with the stress that caused the illness, and by default, the illness will mysteriously vanish – A Spontaneous Remission. 

This is based on the awareness that stress is the cause, whilst the illness is the effect. CRPS is clearly a chronic illness that’s very difficult to treat, but could it possibly be caused by stress? For 90% of people suffering from CRPS, the cause is attributed to a physical injury of some sort, or possibly an undesired side-effect of surgery.  

If that’s true, CRPS has absolutely nothing to do with stress; which is a mental process, and everything to do with a physical event; an accident or surgical intervention resulting in nerve damage. 

It seems that CRPS totally dis-proves the hypothesis, or at the very least is proof that there are exceptions. Allow me to stretch your thinking just a little; You have no doubt heard it said that “Nothing happens for no reason.” If this is true, then everything has a cause; without exception. This prompts a number of fascinating questions: If 90% of CRPS cases are caused by a physical ‘mis-adventure’ – like an accident resulting in physical damage to the body, which  indirectly resulted in nerve damage – What caused the other 10% of CRPS cases? Further to that, 90% of CRPS cases appear to be caused by an accident… But if nothing happens for no reason; then what could possibly have been the cause of the accident itself? Was it just an accident? Maybe caused by bad luck, stupidity, being in the wrong place at the wrong time; a multitude of possible reasons, but absolutely none of them relate to stress. Right?… Hmmm, maybe.  

Here’s a crazy idea. What if…. An emotionally stressful event from the not too distant past, stored as a memory in the unconscious mind, was indirectly responsible for the accident that seems to be indirectly responsible for the CRPS? What then? Well, as ludicrous as it sounds; If it were true… then by effectively addressing the stressful memory, that indirectly resulted in the accident, that then seemed to result in CRPS… If you effectively addressed the memory, you would induce a Spontaneous Remission from CRPS!  

Could this possibly be true, or is it just wishful thinking? 

The following video is about a lady who experienced CRPS after surgery for a broken arm and wrist. She spent a further 10 months after the surgery trying to find a cure for CRPS, to no avail. Her session took approximately 3 hours. It could be argued that it was a hypnotherapy session, but could also be argued that it was an exercise in ‘Practical Forgiveness’… The objective was to identify the stressful memories that were causing her CRPS, and then “Release the Past in the Present, and thereby free her Future”… the end result was a Spontaneous Remission. Some might call it a miracle. 

If you are suffering from CRPS and would like to consider becoming part of our Spontaneous Remission research project, simply contact us. We are happy to discuss the study in more detail. We are confident you will get the results you have been hoping for.

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