If you suffer from migraines, you will be only too aware of the devastating impact they can have on all aspects of your life. You will also be aware of the lengths those afflicted with the condition will go to in an effort to find relief. 

The range of possible causes is mind boggling, and the options available to treat migraines are also astounding. Interestingly, it seems none of them really seem to provide lasting relief. They may help manage a migraine, but as far as I am aware, none of them actually cure migraine. 

Like a lot of other medical; or in this instance, neurological conditions, there is immense variation as to how, and how often, they are experienced. For some, a migraine is a one-off or very rare occurrence. For others they can happen on a regular basis and last for days. The impact can be so utterly devastating, they leave those suffering with migraines feeling completely helpless and without any hope of living a pain free life. Severe migraines have been known to lead to suicide in an attempt to escape the pain and suffering they cause. 

If the hypothesis this research project aims to either prove, or disprove, is correct, then migraines are caused by stress. But, not current stress. They are the result of a stressful experience, or an on-going situation that not only took place, but also ended prior to the onset of migraines. If this is true, then the ongoing experience of migraines can be attributed to other factors associated with the memory of the original event. This alone would explain why some people have managed to identify their ‘triggers’ that seem to cause migraines. 

Consider this: If the emotional impact of the original event (the memory) could be removed from the unconscious mind – the storehouse of memories, then a ‘consciously and deliberately caused’ remission from migraines would result, and the triggers that seem to cause migraines would no longer trigger them.  

Is this even possible? And… if it is possible; how would you do that? How could you possibly remove the emotional impact of a long past memory from your unconscious mind, whilst still retaining the memory? 

Yes, in my experience, it certainly is possible… If I considered it to be impossible, I wouldn’t bother going to the trouble of conducting this study! 

If you would like to learn the process yourself, you can either participate in our research project, or attend one of our special on-line events… or better still, do both!  

You might find the following video clips somewhat inspiring. The first is about a woman who had a face to face ‘Spontaneous Remission’ session for migraines. The second is about a woman who learned the process herself and also experienced a ‘Spontaneous Remission’… If you want the results they got; and there is absolutely no reason you can’t, then simply make contact with us and discuss participating in our research project, or possibly attending an on-line seminar to learn the process yourself. 

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