What is a Spontaneous Remission?

We’ve all heard stories of someone who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a short amount of time to live; perhaps only a matter of months. Yet mysteriously, for reasons that seem totally unexplainable,  they actually managed to defy the odds. They didn’t die. They were fully expected to die; told to “get their affairs in order” but despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them, to the complete surprise to everyone, including their doctors, they lived to tell the tale! Occasionally they experience a total remission. The disease that was expected to end their life, simply vanishes. 

This extremely curious phenomena, known as a Spontaneous Remission, or Spontaneous Regression, is widely recognised by the scientific and medical communities, yet the causes remain a complete mystery. It’s a phenomena that seems extremely rare, and appears to happen to only a very few, remarkably lucky individuals. The result of this phenomena is that people who have been diagnosed with a chronic or even ‘terminal’ illness seem to just mysteriously… get better! Their illness appears to vanish altogether, or improves dramatically without any logical, scientifically acceptable explanation 

The word ‘Spontaneous’ is used to describe an event that appears to happen on its own; There is no apparent cause, it just happens all of its own accord… Spontaneously! In relation to a medical condition, the word remission often infers a chronic health condition/ailment/disease is no longer apparent. It seems to have either disappeared altogether, or has improved to the point where medical or surgical intervention is no longer required. 

“Spontaneous Remissions” are very surprising, startling and completely unexpected, yet they are  a recognised scientific fact. The medical and scientific communities are at a total loss to explain them. Spontaneous Remissions happen, far more often than we are led to believe. If you search the internet, you’ll find hundreds of stories of people that were supposed to die; but didn’t. Mostly the stories seem to be about remarkable cures from terminal illnesses such as cancer. We rarely seem to hear about people experiencing a remission from more common medical conditions such as chronic pain.  

Nothing happens for no reason! What if there were a way we could understand what causes a spontaneous remission; not just for those suffering from terminal illnesses, but also for those suffering normal, everyday, chronic, debilitating, but nonetheless ‘incurable’ conditions?

What if we could consciously and deliberately 'cause' a Spontaneous Remission? Imagine that! Then they wouldn't be called Spontaneous Remissions… they would be "Self-induced healings"!

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