The Process

The first step in the process involves asking a series of questions with the intention of identifying challenging events and experiences that may be directly responsible for either causing the chronic illness, or preventing a recovery. Often there are a number of events. 

It can be very helpful to understand there are multiple parts to your mind; only one of which you are aware of. The conscious mind; this is the part of your mind that you think you think with. It has some unique characteristics and is the part of the mind we use for ‘perception’ and decision making. The unconscious mind; this part of your mind is the store-house for your memories and also contains the autonomic nervous system. Then there is the Superconscious Mind; most people have never heard of their Superconscious Mind. This part of your mind is actually the solution to the problem. 

The second step is to use a very simple and relaxing guided meditation exercise to identify your thoughts, opinions, and the corresponding feelings resulting from your perceptions of each of the events. 

The third step is about recognising each of the events are actually in the past, and shifting your point of view to the extent that they no longer have an emotional impact on you. Then giving the memory to the Superconscious part of your Mind and allowing it to do its job of removing the harmful emotions. It is quite literally a very practical forgiveness process. We are for-giving-away the opinions and their corresponding emotions to your Superconscious Mind. The result is the emotions associated with the memory can no longer cause the physical effect of chronic illness. This results in what would appear to be a ‘Spontaneous Remission’ – though I should point out that there is absolutely nothing ‘Spontaneous’ about this process. It is a very deliberate, consciously chosen, and effective use of your own mind. It is an exercise in Practical Forgiveness! 

This is a very brief overview of the process itself. It is a very simple process, but rather complex to explain. In short, our job is to identify the memories of past events at the heart of the chronic illness. Recall them from your unconscious mind, back into the conscious part of your mind. Identify the opinions, perceptions and corresponding feelings, and then for-give-them away to your Superconscious Mind. I suppose the only way you can really appreciate and understand the process, is to experience it for yourself. 

Most people are surprised at how relaxing the whole process is and how wonderful they feel as a result. If you would like to learn how to use it for your benefit, and for the benefit of those you care for, simply participate in our Spontaneous Remission study and you’ll get to experience it first hand. Perhaps you could join us for one of the upcoming seminars. They will comprehensively explain the process, and put you in a position to heal yourself… 

"When you release the past, in the present, you free the future"

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