Motor Neurone Disease

I have a particularly keen interest in Motor Neurone Disease. It is absolutely horrible. Devastating, and with no known cure, it is thought to have a 100% mortality rate. It’s also known as MND, ALS and Lou Gehrigs Disease. 

One of the most intense and beneficial learning experiences of my entire life was working with an absolutely wonderful woman who had been diagnosed with MND two years before I met her. I would love to be able to tell you she experienced a permanent spontaneous remission. I can’t honestly say that. I can say she experienced remission from a great many of her symptoms. I suspect she was on her way to a total remission…but it was temporary.  

In hindsight, I can see what stood between her and a total remission. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – It won’t benefit her, but it may benefit someone else. What I can say is this: The human mind has an incredible ability to not only ‘heal’ the body, but also to destroy the body. Fear destroys; Love heals. From my point of view, MND has everything to do with fearful emotions, and physical reactions to those emotions. 

When first diagnosed, she was told “If you’re lucky, you’ll live for two years. If you are extremely lucky, you might live for three years, but you will not survive to four years. Best get your affairs in order.”  

Ultimately she passed away within days of what would have been her four year anniversary from her original diagnosis. I am willing to share this story in greater detail with anyone who has motor neurone disease, and who is willing to participate in our Spontaneous Remission research project. 

If you would like to know more, please make contact. I can’t promise anything other than 100% commitment. Given the prognosis – What have you got to lose?  

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