Are forgotten memories of past events responsible for chronic illness?

We’ve all heard it said that stress causes illness. There’s more than enough evidence to prove that stress does in fact cause illness. Pretty much everyone can agree with that statement.

But, have you ever considered that different forms of stress could manifest as different forms of illness?

There are a multitude of different illnesses that we could potentially experience as we go through life. Some are fairly short-lived; like when you get a cold and have to spend a few days in bed. Others however can be very long-term, debilitating, and can result in death; Motor neurone disease and various forms of cancer are just two examples. 

Other forms of chronic illness; or a chronic health condition, seem to just make life a living hell. They’re not terminal, and they don’t necessarily prevent you from continuing to live your day-to-day life, but they can certainly seem to make life unbearable at times. Arthritis, Period pain, Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are chronic conditions that can make life a total misery for those that are afflicted by them.

So, if stress causes illness; and different forms of stress cause different types of illness, wouldn’t it make sense that by identifying the stress that caused the illness, and then dealing with the stress itself, then the illness should just… go into remission?

This is a very logical and factual statement; it’s also the point our Spontaneous Remission Study intends to prove… But what happens to the stress once we are no longer stressed? Where does it go? 

This is a monumentally important question: Where does the “stress” go when we are no longer “stressed”?…. The answer may come as a surprise.

The stress is stored in our unconscious mind. It becomes a component of the “stressful memory” The stressful emotions are still in our mind, but we are no longer aware of them. They become… a memory!

Allow me to prove the point: If you were to recall a particularly sad memory, would it be fair to say that it would make you feel… SAD? If you recalled a really happy memory, you would feel… HAPPY! If you recalled a very frightening experience, a terrifying experience, that would make you feel …TERRIFIED!

Here is a really important point to consider: When you recall the memory, the event itself is quite categorically in the past… BUT… The feelings associated with that memory are in the present. This is an acceptable, verifiable, provable fact. It’s not necessarily something we tend to think about; but it’s true nonetheless.

The memory is a recording of an event from your past stored in your unconscious mind. But the feelings associated with that memory are experienced in the here and now; The present. They often have physiological effects… a scary memory when you recall it can send shivers down your spine! When you ‘forget’ the memory, by putting it out of your mind… It’s still sending shivers down your spine, but you just don’t know it, because it is no longer in your conscious awareness– It is the ‘metaphorical’ shivers that are manifesting as chronic illness.

Our Spontaneous Remission study seeks to prove that the memories of past stressful experiences… which you are not consciously aware of, are directly responsible for chronic health conditions and illness in general. Is this true??? And… If it is true; What are you going to do about it???

From my point of view, based on many years of clinical hypnotherapy experience, dealing specifically with my clients memories, (whilst simultaneously learning how to induce a Spontaneous Remission) I can attest that it is in fact 100% TRUE. Where’s the proof? If it wasn’t true I would never have gotten any results for my clients. I have seen literally hundreds of ‘Spontaneous Remissions’… But now I need well documented proof. That’s why we are inviting you to participate in our study!

It’s one thing to acknowledge that stressful memories from the past are causing illness in the present… BUT, which memories caused what illness? This is where my many years of clinical experience come to the fore!

If you are even vaguely open to the possibility that your ‘chronic illness’ has its origin in long forgotten memories; Your emotional reactions from those past memories are responsible for your ‘present’ health issues, then pick up the phone and make the call (+61 421 075 175) we would love to hear from you.

If you participate in our study, we anticipate you will experience a spontaneous remission. It’s not guaranteed but what have you got to lose? If you decide not to participate; that’s OK too. The worst that will happen is you wasted a phone call, but at least you will have your questions answered.

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