The Study

The primary question the study intends to answer: 

"Is it possible to consciously and deliberately cause/induce a spontaneous remission from a chronic or terminal physical health ailment? This would thereby render ongoing medication or medical/surgical intervention completely unnecessary.

Obviously, from my point of view, I already am fully aware of the answer to that question: Yes, of course you can consciously and deliberately induce a spontaneous remission. The general public and the scientific and medical communities are largely completely unaware of this fact however. 

So, we have taken it on as our responsibility to help as many people as we can by bringing this simple, yet profoundly important information to their awareness. However, we need enough evidence and case studies to prove the hypothesis, which is the main reason for undertaking this research project. 

The spontaneous remission  research project/study has a number of goals. The primary goal is to acquire enough statistically relevant data to prove that our memories of past emotionally challenging experiences can, and do, result in health conditions that often appear to be beyond the scope of currently available medical treatment options.

The second goal is to verify that people currently suffering from the same ‘form’ of ailment have all experienced the same, or very similar emotional reactions to challenging experiences in the past. Experiences that are no longer in their conscious awareness (memories) and have not been associated with; or recognised as, either…

1) Causing physical illness and/or 

2) Preventing recovery and thereby resulting in an ongoing, debilitating and potentially life threatening chronic illness.

Additionally, our intention is to clearly define and document the necessary steps required to achieve a remission from chronic physical health conditions, thereby empowering others to self-heal through; 

A) Understanding the mental and emotional processes involved, and

B) Pro-actively using the various aspects of their own mind to achieve remission from whatever illness they may be suffering from.

Professional Therapists

General Public