What is required of study participants?

What is required of research project participants? 

Step 1

An online interview process – discussion- (Via Zoom) whereby they detail the nature of the chronic health condition. The impact it has had on their day to day life. The steps undertaken previously to gain relief. Any benefits resulting from past treatments. Any adverse impacts resulting from those past treatments. What they are hoping to achieve as a result of participating in the research project/study…. The desired benefits. How those benefits will improve their life. Estimated time frame for this zoom meeting is around 20 minutes, but will be adjusted accordingly to suit each persons individual needs. 

Note: This zoom meeting will be recorded for our records but will not under any circumstances be used for any other purpose without your express permission! 

Step 2

A private phone call to identify challenging past experiences that may (or may not) be directly responsible for the chronic physical health condition as discussed in the online interview process in step 1. It is anticipated the time taken for this call could be as long as an hour, but will be adjusted according to individual circumstances. 

Note: This call will NOT be recorded.  

Step 3

 A face to face session (potentially a phone call or zoom meeting if that’s more appropriate) to directly address the past challenging experiences identified in step 2. This process could be described as an exercise in “Practical Forgiveness”.  

Note: This would require approx 3-4 hours. This is an estimate only, and the time taken for each individual session will be adjusted according to the individual needs. These sessions/calls are NEVER recorded, however, as part of the research project/study, minimal notes may be taken for the purposes of documenting the generic nature of the stressful memories experienced. Your absolute privacy is assured at all times.  

Step 4

A follow-up online discussion- via Zoom where the research project participant has the opportunity to describe their experience of the face to face session. Detail any improvements to the chronic health condition and the impact those benefits have had on their life moving forward. 

Note 1: This zoom meeting will be recorded for our records. Ideally, the recording of this session may (or may not) be used to provide evidence of the study findings. It may also be used to encourage and inspire others. This will never be done without your express full approval.  

Note 2: If a spontaneous remission is not experienced as a result of the session in step 3. It doesn’t mean the process was ineffective, but more likely the challenging experiences identified in step 2 were not directly responsible for the chronic illness, or there are additional memories to be uncovered. If this is the case, further investigation will be required and steps 2 and 3 repeated. 

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