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Absolutely not. Further to that, under no circumstances will we tell you to ignore medical advice. We will however strongly recommend you take full responsibility for your own health. You may find the amount of medication you are currently taking may need to change. Consult your doctor.

Refer to previous question and answer. We do not offer medical advice, and strongly recommend you be aware your medication requirements. Consult your doctor. If you no longer need medication, or need less medication, your doctor will advise accordingly. 

None. I am not a doctor, I do not give medical advice. I have a diploma in Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, and training as a trauma therapist. I have been working for many years as an analytical hypnotherapist in a clinical environment. My objective has been to understand the relationship between past stressful memories and how they manifest as physical, mental, and/or emotional illness. 

Yes you can. The purpose of the seminars are to educate you on the process, the reasoning behind it, and provide some practical tools to be able to achieve the same result yourself. There is no reason why your results cannot be included in the study. 

Absolutely. In fact attending a seminar prior to a private session can be very beneficial. Be aware however, that I have a limited capacity for private sessions. There are only so many hours in a day; it may be challenging to secure an appointment within an acceptable timeframe. Contact the office to discuss appointment availability. 

After many years of exploring the relationship between stress and illness, I have a pretty good idea what to look for. This is where the real expertise comes in to play. By working together for the common goal of healing, it just seems that your Superconscious Mind will provide the answer. Sit back, relax, and trust the process: It actually works!

Because, from experience, I know Spontaneous Remissions are very possible. I have seen hundreds of them. I also know they are not guaranteed, but are very likely. One of the deciding factors is the willingness of the client (you) to simply ‘go with the flow’… People with very closed minds can be hard to help. Having said that, I do not have enough evidence to prove the hypothesis to the satisfaction of the scientific and medical communities. This study is a way of obtaining sufficient evidence. My hope is that people will learn to do this for themselves. This is not about providing false hope; its about providing a genuine solution for what appears to be an unsolvable problem… Appearances can be deceptive! 

Yes it is. The internet and international communication methods have come a long way in recent years; on-line meetings are now a viable alternative to face to face sessions. Accounting for different time-zones is achievable. The only real criteria; apart from having a chronic illness, is you must be able to speak and understand English, and be able to contend with a decidedly Australian accent! I need to be able to understand and communicate with you effectively, and vice-versa. This has been a ‘challenge’ from time to time in the past. 

No. Your diet has very little to do with it. It’s a mind thing. 

No. You need to change your mind about some of the experiences you’ve had throughout your life. 

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