Fertility Issues

Infertility issues can have a lasting, dramatic and very detrimental impact on those who are desperate to have a child. Due to some unfortunate twist of fate, they are unable to get pregnant. The emotional cost can be extreme. Overwhelming sadness, grief, jealousy, anger and disappointment to name just a few. Further to that, it can challenge our sense of self, our self worth, our life’s purpose, and even our reason for existing at all. Fertility issues can also have a profoundly devastating impact on relationships and marriages. 

If all of that isn’t bad enough, the financial cost of becoming pregnant with a little medical assistance can also be… exorbitant. I’m not suggesting it’s not worth the price; but I am saying the financial burden can be prohibitive for many, making the dream of having a family of your own, just that – A dream. 

What if there were a better way? A way that didn’t have the incredible emotional or financial price tag? What if the reason for infertility was more emotionally based rather than physically based?  

We’ve all heard stories about the couple who simply couldn’t have children of their own. Perhaps they were advised by their doctor or gynaecologist that pregnancy was out of the question for them due to some abstract, incurable, and most unfortunate abnormality with the reproductive system. Broken hearted, they resign themselves to the very sad reality of the situation. They will never be able to have children of their own.  

What do they do? In more recent times, IVF would be considered a viable alternative to a natural pregnancy; expensive, emotionally challenging, for some – soul destroying – but if that’s your only option and they want a child badly enough, they’ll go for it. In the days before IVF was available, the only other option was to adopt a child.

Our broken hearted couple register with an adoption agency, and eventually get to take a wonderful new baby home with them. Their hearts are suddenly filled with joy. They have additional responsibilities that they take to like a duck takes to water. The newly adopted baby fills the void in their lives and they move on, resigned to the fact they will never give birth to their own offspring. What happens next?  

Sure enough, six months later they’re pregnant! WTF? It’s a miracle! “I thought you said there is an incurable reproductive abnormality and we would never be able to have children.” They say to the doctor. He replies by telling them it must have been a misdiagnosis. But… was it really a misdiagnosis; or was it a Spontaneous Remission? 

Medical science has come a long way. It appears the ability to accurately diagnose a medical condition has improved immensely. If the doctors identify a given problem, it’s a very safe bet they are in fact correct. That is clearly beside the point… The couple who were previously thought to be unable to have a child of their own are now pregnant! 

We’ve all heard these kind of stories before. We all know they are true. The doctors and the medical and scientific communities as a whole, also know they’re true. These are irrefutable facts. But the most important question of all remains unanswered: WHY? How can this be possible? On the surface, it appears the ‘incurable’ medical condition is the problem. But what caused the incurable medical condition that was preventing pregnancy, and why did it suddenly vanish? Something must have changed! But what? 

In my story about our couple that couldn’t fall pregnant, you’ll note the over-riding emotions of sadness and disappointment relating to babies and pregnancy, were replaced by feelings of joy and contentment when the newly adopted baby arrived. The only thing that changed was their emotional state! This begs the question: Are fertility problems the result of physical issues, or are they caused by emotionally challenging past experiences – perceptions – stored in the mind as memories, that are triggering physical issues that result in an inability to fall pregnant?  

If you would like to find the answer to that question, and are having difficulties falling pregnant, why not give us a call? You could become part of our Spontaneous Remission study, and your story could be an inspiration; provide a beacon of hope, for others who are contending with the same emotionally difficult situation. 

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