The Hypothesis

Hypothesis: Stress causes illness: Therefore, stress is the cause whilst illness is the effect.

Different forms of stress cause different forms/types of illness.

Past experiences are stored in the unconscious mind as memories

The feelings (emotional reaction) resulting from individual perceptions of past stressful experiences (memories) are also stored in the unconscious mind as a component of those memories.

The emotional reaction resulting from the individual perceptions, causes a corresponding reaction in the autonomic nervous system.

The manner in which the autonomic nervous system reacts is directly responsible for, and manifests as, physical, mental, and/or emotional illness.

Therefore, a remission from a physical ailment can be ‘deliberately induced’ by:

  1. Identifying the past stressful experiences; the memories of which are responsible for the present physical ailments (the cause); and then
  2. Recalling the memory (cause), acknowledging and releasing the negative (stressful) feelings resulting from the individual perceptions of the relevant past stressful experience; and
  3. Changing the perception of the past stressful experiences, and at the very least, consciously concluding/recognising the stressful event is in the past, and therefore cannot have an effect in the present (closure); 

As a result, a consciously and deliberately induced remission from the resulting physical ailment will be experienced.

Professional Therapists

General Public