What exactly is stress?

Stress is a ‘feeling’ of tension experienced mentally, physically and/or emotionally. It is the result of perception. Our perceptions are our opinions, our thoughts, our point-of-view, our beliefs about a given event or situation. How we perceive any given situation or event will be entirely determined by 1) Past learning, and 2) Desired outcome. 


Perceptions create, and are directly responsible for feelings. The intensity of the feeling is directly related to the severity of the event or the situation as it is perceived – the greater the risk of a fearful/undesired outcome (loss), the more intense the negative feelings resulting from the perception of loss will be. Conversely, the greater the possibility of a positive/desired outcome (gain), the more intense the positive emotions will be. 


Perceptions fall into one of three different categories: Those that cause positive/desirable emotions; perceptions that don’t create an emotion at all – neutral emotions as a result of a neutral event – an event that doesn’t matter. Also perceptions that result in negative/undesirable emotions. 


Stress is consciously experienced in the present moment. It can be the result of recalling challenging events that occurred in the past, events that are currently being experienced in the present, or are anticipated to be experienced in the future. 


When an event of any description is experienced; irrespective of the emotional outcome; it is stored in the unconscious part of mind as a memory. The feelings (emotions) caused by the corresponding perceptions are also stored in the unconscious mind as a component – a part of – the memory. 

Stress may very well be consciously experienced in the present moment, but once the challenging/stressful event is stored as a memory in the unconscious part of mind, the undesired or negative emotions – the feelings – along with our point of view (perceptions) are also stored unconsciously; in other words, we forget the memory. This results in us no longer being ‘consciously aware’ of the stress: We have become unconsciously stressed and we don’t even realise it! 

This study intends to answer the question – Can a Spontaneous Remission be consciously and deliberately caused for the masses, rather than accidentally and unknowingly experienced by a few incredibly lucky individuals? Further to that, can a Spontaneous Remission be consciously and deliberately caused for a seemingly non life-threatening illness, as well as an illness that has a dire prognosis? 

If stress does in fact cause illness, and different forms of stress do in fact manifest as different types of illness, then is it possible that unconscious stress causes chronic illness? It must be obvious by now that I believe it can. Am I right, or wrong? There is only one way to find out: Prove it, by doing it! 

If you would like to find out more about our study/research project, you will find lots of information on this website. It is a work in progress. We anticipate regular updates. If you would like to enquire about becoming involved in our study, please contact us by phone, or email.  

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