Costs to Participants:

The costs of being included in the study are being kept to an absolute minimum. The only cost you will incur is for the face to face session (Step 3). Even that is being heavily discounted. 

For a limited time the discounted cost will  be a one-off charge of $550.00 AUD ($500 plus GST). This is a minimal charge to help cover wages and other ongoing costs associated with conducting the study. 

There will be no additional charges for any other involvement in the study. Any incidental, travel and/or accommodation expenses you may incur are your own responsibility.

How to Proceed:

If you are experiencing an ongoing chronic illness, I hope you will consider becoming part of our research project.  

Please feel free to contact us for more information, and if you know of someone else who may benefit, please share this information with them. The study is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a chronic health condition (consideration for younger participants will be determined on a case by case basis). 

Participants need to be open minded enough to consider that stress does in fact cause illness, and different forms of stress manifest as different types of illness, and the “Practical Forgiveness” process is an effective means of not only achieving ‘closure’ on the past, but also of ‘letting it go’ once and for all.  

Not only will the results benefit everyone who participates, but we are hoping the data collected will benefit everyone as a whole, and put an end to the pointless, needless suffering of many.  

If you would like more information, pick up the phone and call Fiona on +61 421 075 175. She will outline the study/research project as a whole, and what you can expect. She will also answer any other questions you may have. Or, you could simply click the link below and apply to participate in the study.

Professional Therapists

General Public